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”But for the future, some of the other highly-praised entrants in the Nissan contest could come to fruition. They include the Helium Parking system which its creator believes shows that the answer to the problem was above us all the time.

Contestant Nikolay Ivanov Kolev explains: “There is room, but it is ‘upstairs’. This parking unit can be easily lifted and managed as its weight is reduced by several cubic meters of helium.

“Each unit can be fitted with an autonomous hydrogen propulsion system, or hooks to be lifted by elevators. Flying parking lots will help at big public events like concerts and fairs.” ”


”Fly me to my parking space – I wonder what this would do to car insurance premiums? Overcrowding and dwindling surface area are the inspiration for Nikolay Kolev’s Helium Parking concept, which was short-listed in Nissan’s 2009 “Think Outside the Box” competition. ”


”Time to reach for the sky…”

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