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The visual appearance of a product could greatly influence the outcome of a negotiation. A good illustration is crucial especially when dealing with new clients whose knowledge of one’s work rarely reaches further than the images on a website. Architectnik specializes in a variety of visual techniques, which used separately or as a part of a complete strategy, could match the needs of various businesses and specialists, such as designers of all fields, manufacturers, marketing and real estate agencies, and retailers.
architectural Sketches

Hand-drawings are the shortest and most natural way for ideas to arrive into our world and this makes them particularly suitable for early stage design presentations. Their deliberate lack of definitiveness appeals to the eye and stimulates the imagination just as a half-opendoor prompts us to take a peak. In an overly digitized world, they offer an air of freshness and originality. Apart from that, sketches bear technological advantages, namely, speed and flexibility. A good photorealistic computer rendering takes quite some of time to produce, and it needs details that may not be available at the start of a project.

Computer Renderings


Computer aided design has become the primary method of creation for quite some time now, and this has affected the way projects are presented. Every so often clients demand to see how a project would “really” look. A good artistic or photorealistic computer rendering could potentially decide the future of a product; it would also help the designer check if he or she were on the right path. Many businesses sell their products before the production has even started – architects, product designers, engineers, manufacturers and real estate agencies to name a few, while others, like advertising and entertainment industries, do not even have a physical item to offer. This section is for all of them.



A picture is worth a thousand words, they say, but sometimes we need to add Time to the equation. A good animation is the best presentation medium there is. The real world is not still after all.

architectural drawings


An eye to see and a hand to touch…considered time-consuming and difficult to make physical models have been partially replaced, by computer imagery, after all who needs to spend hours cutting and gluing with no “save” and “undo” commands, when a rendering is a mouse-click away, right? However, people like to interact with the physical world and models present this opportunity. Just think of the excitement of looking at some of these scaled models of fortresses or cities in museums. As with evolution in living organisms where good features tend to evolve rather than disappear, effective practices are developed and modernized rather than abandoned. Prototyping has rehabilitated physical models and will translate them to the future. 

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