Spa Hotel Study – 4 – 2009

Varshec_PPP_1_02 Varshec_PPP_1_03 Varshec_PPP_1_12 Varshec_PPP_1_11 Varshec_PPP_1_10 Varshec_PPP_1_09 Varshec_PPP_1_08 Varshec_PPP_1_07 Varshec_PPP_1_06 Varshec_PPP_1_05 Varshec_PPP_1_04

By Nikolay Kolev – archirect and visual artist

Garden – Project: SPA Hotel Area: 40 000 m2 Year: 2009 Status: Concept Location: Varshec, Bulgaria Client: Gastrade S.A. Design: Nikolay Kolev for AlphaNet Ltd. Render: Nikolay Kolev ArchiCAD, Artlantis, Photoshop

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