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There is little room for cars in modern cities. The situation is even worse in old towns and dense urban centers. Sometimes the parking capacity of a place is not enough to accommodate a crowded event. There is room, but it is “upstairs”.

This is a proposal for a parking unit that can be easily lifted and managed as its weight is reduced by several cubic meters of helium. Some information:

  • 0,163kg of helium is needed to lift 1kg of cargo /weight of gas included/

  • 400kg of helium – to lift 2000kg – more than the weight of an average car

  • 400kg of helium is 2,24m3 at 0C

  • 2,5kg of helium costs approximately $3

Each unit can be fitted with autonomous hydrogen propulsion system or hooks to be lifted by elevators. Due to elliptical form it is easily arranged in different schemes.


  • Elevated docking structures to accommodate great number of units near parks
  • Flying parking lots to help big public event like concerts, fairs … etc. – wind, hydrogen, solar powered
  • Façade structures to use buildings exterior for parking – do not ad much load to buildings
  • The unit can be used as a lift, thus reducing energy consumption
  • Materials – aluminum frame; plastic, carbon of cloth Shell…

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