A Two-family House in Offenburg

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A two-family house concept  in Offenburg, designed for a private client. We are just starting the fun here…

The main challange is to tend to the needs of two generations of the same family.  The clients demand separate entrances and full Independence. The parents will inhabit the ground floor and  parts the mezzanine (a house). The rest of the mezzanine and the attic will be used as a separate residence (a duplex).

Preliminary study sketches
OPTION 1 – The chessboard

The basic concept for the exterior is derived from the chess board. The size and possition of the different patches follow the interior space layout.

OPTION 2 – the drawer


AND THE WINNER IS…the drawer

It was chosen due to it’s relative simplicity.

Design by Nikolay Kolev
Illustration by Nikolay Kolev - architect and visual artist

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