Private House in Gaggenau – 2014

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Situated on the outskirts of a small town in rural South-West Germany, this property consists of three separate houses with no particular visual, functional or spatial relationship between each other. Although practically drowning in “green”, the plot does not seem to communicate with its surroundings at all.


The clients love Nature, birds in particular, and envisage an integrated solution where their own house is upgraded with a new and enlarged voliere, a SPA, a summer kitchen, guest residences and a swimming pool, all united by a garden – a “vestibule” to nearby green fields and forests.


The main house is preserved and only externally redesigned. The rest of the buildings are to be demolished and replaced by new three-storey structures, which retain existing raster and scale.

The new voliere is fitted just in front of the main house.


A long horizontal roof keeps the whole composition together visually and shelters an number of open spaces like the new barbeque, main entrance area, external dining etc.


Focal point of the yard is the swimming pool, featuring a moving pergola with four different positions.


Design by Nikolay Kolev, Juergen Grossmann for Grosssmann Architekten
Illustration by Nikolay Kolev - architect and visual Artist

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