Conference Center in Achern – 2011

catholic conference centre in Achern…

The new catholic conference center is situated in the vicinity of the church “Unserer lieben Frau” in the southwest german town of Achern. Together with three other buildings, an old house to the North-west containing the Church Board, an Office facility to the East and the church itself to the North, it forms a triangular square. The new building is visible from the main street, its posotion and size predetermined by the urban development plan. The style is in accordance with the german understanding that “old” and “new” should be as aesthetically opposed as possible. The layouts are designed by Cornelius Mueller-Heibt

Final Illustrations

The chosen option offers a relaxed linear component to the small urban area dominated by the massive church the nothern wall of which is juxtaposed to the neu building at an angle of approximately 30 degrees.

Spatial study

During the intermediate stages of spatial design, several options were developed to study the correct relations between urban spaces.


Initial Sketches
Client: Private
Design: Nikolay Kolev 
Illustration: Nikolay Kolev 

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